Oriental Studies

The Faculty of Oriental Studies, including specialty “Oriental Studies” plays a crucial role in training highly qualified specialists, bachelors and masters. Currently, the main objective of the Chair is to prepare well-educated and highly qualified specialists, demanded in the labor market, according to the following specialties:

  • Undergraduate: 5B020900 - Oriental Studies
  • Master: 6M020900 - Oriental Studies

If, at the beginning, Oriental Study seemed to us to be a mysterious, controversial, varied and exotic abstraction, now it is a perspective direction in cooperation and research. Therefore, my dear friend, you have a huge opportunity to contribute to the development of history, culture and economy of our country with us because our specialty not only helps to acquire the language, but also prepares qualified ambassadors and interpreters necessary for our young country.

Along with the fascinating, creative, educational and scientific process, specialty "Oriental Studies" provides an interesting student’s life. Our partners are the Embassy of the East countries in Kazakhstan, the largest universities of China where teachers and students of our Faculty do language courses. We invite scientists from the universities of China to conduct lectures, and each year teaching staff increase their teaching skills at the universities of China.

The objective of the specialty "Oriental Studies" is the preparation of well-educated, competitive specialists ready to solve economic, social and scientific problems of the country. Training highly qualified specialists demanded in the fields of science, economics, business, public security, military affairs, analytical centers, show business, primary and secondary schools, governmental services is implemented by government grants and on a contract basis.

Training programs of the specialty focus not only on the study of the Chinese language, but the English one as well. The main objectives of the program in training bachelors - specialists in Oriental Studies are:

  • Complex training of countries and regions
  • To investigate history, ethnography, economy, politics, science and culture, language and religion, tradition and culture of the studied country

In the study of history, traditions, science, language, culture, politics, economics of the studied country, the students are to become highly qualified specialists:

  • Regions of ATR
  • Middle and Far East
  • Central Asia

The Faculty provides students an opportunity to have an internship in:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Travel Agencies
  • Bureau of Human Rights
  • Local administrations and Departments of Education

Students are able to work as:

  • advisers for the economy and politics of the East
  • teachers in secondary and higher educational institutions
  • translators-interpreters
  • analysts-experts in the East questions
  • diplomats, press officers

The Chair of the specialty is working closely with the Institute of Oriental Studies named after R.B.Suleymenov, the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies, The Kazakh Research Institute of Culture, The Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Research at the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students can study at the following universities in China in accordance with the specialty:

  • The Central Public University
  • Tianjin Pedagogical University
  • University of Lan Zhou
  • Xinjiang Pedagogical University
  • Ili Pedagogical University

In addition, students of the Chair study at the University of Beijing for the international exchange program of students (they should determine a level of the Chinese Language by HSK examination)

Then you can do a Master course in the specialty 6M020900 "Oriental Studies". Thus, there remains a systematic sequence of educational programs of undergraduate and graduate courses and academic relationship.

Dear friend, we are sure that you will not be mistaken if you choose specialty "Oriental Studies " which trains up-to-date competitive specialists.

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