Foreign language: two foreign languages

The main objectives of the Bachelor Degree (Foreign Languages):

  1. Formation of a specialist holding in each of the studied languages:
    • basic foreign language skills in accordance with The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages;
    • foreign language for academic purposes to ensure continuity in education between undergraduate and graduate levels.
  2. Possession of a foreign language for specific purposes in accordance with the following specialties:
    • implementing an internationally accepted level approach to foreign languages teaching, taking into account peculiarities of the national education standards;
    • defining training content based on the relationship of language and culture.


  • The Substantial Component of Teaching English to Young Learners, Planning and Technology
  • Methods and technology of foreign language education in primary schools
  • Context-Based competency foreign language education in profession-oriented school


  • Introductory-teaching practices;
  • Teaching practices;
  • General pedagogical practices;
  • Specialized professional practice.

Employment as:

  • a teacher of two foreign languages in a primary school (two European and one of the European or Oriental languages);
  • a teacher of two foreign languages in a profession-oriented school (with advanced study of foreign languages and teaching some subjects in a foreign language).

Students of the faculty have an opportunity to study in foreign universities such as Bamberg University (Germany), Lanzhou University (China), Chunan University (Korea), Pusan University (Korea), Keimyung University(Korea) , Hankuk University(Korea), Chunbuk University (South Korea), and others.

If you choose the specialty: "5B011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages"

The optional subject is foreign language (English, French, German).

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