Foreign Philology

Training of specialists with knowledge of 2 foreign languages by electives courses:

  • Specialist of business communication
  • The philologist-orientalist of written monuments of the East
  • Specialist-manager for international and intercultural relations

Training of specialists with knowledge of 2 foreign languages by additional elective courses:

  • Russian / Kazakh language as a foreign language. Philologist, teacher of 2 foreign languages
In Kazakh Ablai khan UIR & WL on specialty " Foreign Philology there are the specializations in European and Eastern directions.

Bachelors of Foreign Philology:

  • know how to use FL as a means of intercultural communication, able to work in a foreign language environment
  • have speech and business etiquette and sufficient skills of speaking and writing on a professional level
  • have knowledge of the basics of translation (oral / written) of business documents

You will specialize in:

  • on the knowledge of the language and literature of the studied country
  • the ability to translate the necessary texts
  • translation and interpretation proficiency
  • teaching a foreign language and literature

You will do internship in:

  • companies and enterprises, where you get acquainted with the specifics of future activities
  • special schools with in-depth study of foreign languages

You will work in:

  • embassies and representative offices of foreign countries, as well as in companies where there is a need for specialists with knowledge of foreign languages
  • in secondary and higher education institutions

You get a unique opportunity to study a foreign language in the amount of 12 hours per week (1 and 2 courses), and 10 hours at senior courses (3 or 4 courses)

You will study the second foreign language of choice on 3 and 4 courses

Remember: optional subject - foreign language

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