International Relations

Preparation of specialists with knowledge of 2 foreign languages ​​on the profiles of specializations:

  • Specialist - Analyst on Global Studies and Contemporary Geopolitical Processes
  • Specialist on the establishment of a single geo-strategic security and control systems (information, energy security, immigration control)
  • Specialist-consultant on international and regional security
  • Specialist in the negotiation process

The main objectives of the bachelor of humanitarian knowledge in the field of International Relations are:

  • analysis of the main trends and modern international processes;
  • analysis of external and internal factors within the specialization studied;
  • identification and justification of Kazakhstan's geopolitical interests in the modern world;
  • study of political risks in the implementation of international economic projects;
  • study and analysis of problems of regional and international security;
  • forecasting and modeling of the state's foreign policy in the sphere of international political processes;
  • mastering of the skills of drawing up and registering diplomatic documentation, preparing information and reference documents and analytical documents, and skills in document management.

You will specialize:

  • in the foreign policy and diplomatic service
  • in the political analysis of international processes
  • in political technologies
  • in political management
  • in diplomatic and consular service
  • in sociology of international relations

You will do internship:

  • in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • in the Archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • in the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan
  • in the departments of foreign and domestic policy under the bodies of local self-government (Akimats of different levels)
  • in transnational corporations
  • in international organizations
  • in Kazakhstan research centers
  • non-state structures


You can work:

  • The Ministry of foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions of Kazakhstan;
  • Public administration bodies and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan working in the sphere of foreign policy relations, world politics;
  • International organizations (UN, UNESCO, OSCE, CIS, etc.);
  • Transnational corporation;
  • Scientific and educational organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Non-state structures (business, political parties and social movements; consultative, analytical, research, educational centers, media, international and local non-governmental organizations, etc.).

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