Public relations

The task of public relation officers is creating efficient communication between the employer (government or commercial entity, public figure) and the society. They are involved in creative projects, build up the image of the company, write press releases and digests, organize interviews, elaborate the components of corporate culture, etc.

Training is conducted in the following areas:

  • International PR;
  • PR in the government agencies;
  • PR in the new media;
  • Advertising activity

You will learn to:

  • make creative projects
  • establish and maintain links with mass media, government agencies, consulting and advertising agencies, political parties
  • work with the public opinion poll technologies
  • plan and organize advertising and PR-campaigns
  • conduct corporate events
  • create a positive image, and more!

You will acquire professional knowledge + the English language. Our curriculum includes the following subjects: Drawing PR-documents, Creative Design in Advertising, Theory and Practice of Imagology, Management and Marketing of Modern Communications, Consulting PR, Designing Corporate Identity and others. Our students undertake internship in full service advertising agencies, marketing companies and PR-departments.

Here you will be learning to think outside the box, create PR-projects, and manage information processes!

Where can a PR specialist work? Literally everywhere, which is no exaggeration...

You will be able to work in various state, public and commercial organizations, advertising, consulting agencies and mass media.

You will be able to master the following related professions:

  • international PR-manager
  • Public Relations specialist
  • content manager
  • account manager
  • SMM specialist (social media management)
  • Strategic Communications manager (director)
  • Head of Press Service
  • PR-Consultant
  • GR-Consultant (Government relations management)
  • political consultant
  • copywriter
  • PR-manager in new media
  • creative director
  • image maker
  • expert on crisis communications
  • press secretary
  • producer

Profile subject of the specialty

The profile subject for the “PR” enrollees is Geography.

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