Training of specialists with knowledge of a foreign language in elective areas:

  • International tourism
  • Management of the international hotel business
  • Management of international catering business
  • International event management in tourism
  • Management of international tourism and hotel business

and additional elective areas:

  • Financial management in tourism
  • Crisis management in business

The main objectives of bachelor of tourism are:

  • organization and stewardship of the work in providing tourism services in various fields of tourism business
  • forecasting and planning of tourism structures
  • market research on development of new ideas and tourist services in the domestic and foreign market

You will specialize in:

  • organization of advertising campaigns to promote a tourist product
  • conducting research on the state of the tourist services market
  • investigation the prospects of the development of tourism in the regions of Kazakhstan taking into account its climatic, geographic and national features
  • assessment of tourist regions and the importance of the tourism business in Kazakhstan

You will take your educational practice and internship in:

  • tourist companies, hotels and restaurants in Kazakhstan, airlines, food outlets and entertainment places
  • foreign internship in hotels and travel agencies in Turkey, Greece, China and UAE

You can work as:

  • a tourism manager with a focus on management activities (management of tourist enterprises, hospitality, catering, and airlines)
  • a tourist guide
  • a tourism instructor
  • a lecturer in the tourist profile disciplines
  • a head of the youth tourism
  • at the department of tourism
  • in hospitality and tourism sphere
  • in entertainment sphere
  • in air companies
  • in health resorts
  • in catering, trade and others

You get a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language in the volume of 12 hours per week

No other university can teach a foreign language as professionally as KazUIR & WL!

Remember: the optional subject is geography

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