Translation Studies

Training of specialists with knowledge of 2 foreign languages in the directions:

  • Interpreter in socio-economic sphere
  • Interpretation. Translation

Training of specialists with knowledge of 2 foreign languages by additional elective courses:

  • Interpreter in the sphere of international economic and legal relations

The main objectives of Translation Studies’ bachelor are as follows:

  • written / full and/or abstractive and oral (consecutive) translation
  • specialists with categorical apparatus, vocabulary
  • specialist of interpretation and translation in the sphere of international relations
  • professional, able to interpret official speeches during international conferences, congresses, symposia, meetings between heads of state and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • simultaneous interpreter

You will specialize in the knowledge of:

  • practice of verbal intercultural communication
  • theory and practice of translation
  • fundamentals of simultaneous interpretation

You'll do internship in:

  • translation agencies
  • oil and gas companies
  • foreign companies

You can work:

as a translator in all areas that require a translator, interpreter-guide, simultaneous interpreters

  • You get a unique opportunity to study a foreign language in the amount of 12 hours per week (1 and 2 courses), and 10 hours at senior courses (3 or 4 courses)
  • You will study the second foreign language of choice on 3 and 4 courses
  • No other higher institution teaches foreign language as good as KazUIR & WL
Remember: optional subject - foreign language

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