World Economy

5В051300 - World Economy

Training of specialists with knowledge of the 1st foreign language in elective areas:

  • International economy
  • International Finance
  • International Monetary and Financial Relations
  • International Business
  • International trade
  • International organizations
  • Regional integration
  • The contour of world markets, etc.

The main tasks are:

  • Interaction with the economies of other countries
  • Trends in the development of financial markets
  • Ways to improve the global economic system

You will specialize:

  • on the regularities of the integration processes in the world;
  • on the activities of international economic organizations;
  • forms of foreign economic activity and international payments;
  • on the competitiveness of goods and services;
  • on the conjuncture of world commodity and financial markets.

You will practice in:

  • international and investment departments of banks
  • joint ventures and foreign enterprises
  • insurance companies
  • departments of foreign economic activity of domestic, joint and foreign enterprises
  • Regulators of economy at the level of the state and the region
  • foreign representative offices of Kazakhstan companies of all forms of ownership

You will know how:

  • Maintain accounting and tax records, form internal financial statements of the company (including - weekly summary documents abroad), conclude contracts, represent the company's interests in customs and tax and other bodies, calculate salaries for subordinates and taxes, and engage in personnel policy.
  • keep financial reporting forms of the bank, interact with foreign banks, communicate with customers and maintain a database.
  • organize financing of investment projects, attract investors, conduct financial modeling and analysis, work with debt investment instruments (for example, loans or bonds).
  • conduct work on the economic and technical evaluation of enterprises with a view to acquiring them, coordinate the activities of functional domestic and foreign experts and consultants, monitor the implementation of the timing and quality of the assessment.

You get a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language in the amount of 10 hours a week.

In no other higher educational institution a foreign language is taught as in KazUIR&WL!

Remember, profile subjects:

For school graduates: Geography + Maths

For graduates of colleges: Fundamentals of economic theory + Finance organizations

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