Faculty of Supplementary and continuing higher education

Dear applicants, we want to answer you to your main question: What is intersting in our Department of Contunuing Education?

It is interesting because the mission of our faculty is the embodiment of the idea "studying during all life"!

That is our faculty just meets the requirements of time: to constantly increase the professional level, to increase the competitiveness.

Deparment of Contunuing Education is implementing training of foreign-language experts on the basis of the higher education. Knowledge gained at our faculty will help to adapt to difficult modern economic conditions.

Having the first higher education, you can enhance your academic mobility, increase the competitiveness, having learned foreign languages and having got second higher education that will give you further the chance to get a prestigious job, increase career development.

Our students have an opportunity to work and study because they can study not only in auditorium, but also study remotely on the electronic educational portal of the university where interactive lectures, electronic tests, glossaries, audio, video and text materials on practical and theoretical disciplines, additional web resources, electronic textbooks and methodical recommendations are placed.

Studying at our faculty is conducted in the reduced form – 2,5 - 3 years (day and evening forms of education, Kazakh and Russian departments).

Enrollment is conducted on the following specialties:

Translation studies

Foreign philology

Aquiring specialty 5В021000 - Foreign philology you can work as:

  • High school teacher
  • College teacher
  • Language courses teacher

Aquiring specialty 5В020700 - Translation studies

you can work as:

  • Translator Assistant
  • Guide –translator
  • Translator

What opportunities does professional language proficiency give to graduates of Department of Contunuing Education?

Firstly, to develop successfully the academic mobility in the scientific sphere and to participate in the international exchange programs.

Secondly, to expand business contacts and borders of business.

Thirdly, to achieve stable career development.


Welcome to our faculty!

With best wishes, Dean of the faculty,

Abzhanova D.A.

Faculty specialties

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