Master - the Oriental studies

The Masters course with a degree in «6М020900-the Oriental studies» make a development of specialists’ competence for academic and national institutions, academician with an academic degree in Master’s of Art.

Master of science is a researcher of university, highly-educated expert that is ready to teach ably and make a research in accordance with the selected specialty.

The Masters Course training of specialists is carried out by scientific and pedagogical direction.

The available education languages are Kazakh, Russian, English, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese and etc.

The trainers and leaders of Masters work are the experts with the highest academic qualifications as well as visiting scholars from China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, European countries and other foreign countries.

The specialty’s mission is creation of optimum for Masters are getting postgraduate professional training and preparation competitive experts that are the highest academic qualifications in the Oriental studies.

The aim of the programme: The training of graduate students (awarding the degree of “Master’s of Art”), have a command of one of the Eastern languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic), have a command the one of the Western language and have knowledge of history, economics, politics and culture of the specialization area.

The main field of activity of graduate students are:

  • scientific research work in the field of theoretical and applied problems of the East;
  • expert-analytical work on the estimation related to the analysis of trends in the development of the East;
  • Translation activities in the field of Oriental languages in public and private organizations;
  • scientific and editorial and publishing in periodicals and the media

Our advantages:

  • Unique classical education;
  • Curriculum relevant courses provide postgraduate students advanced professional knowledge and competence;
  • Innovative technology training;
  • Study of Eastern and Western languages;
  • interning at partners universities abroad, including Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), Dongguk University (Republic of Korea), the University of Means (Beijing, China), the University of Xinjiang (Urumqi, China) in Wuhan University (China), Wuhan Pedagogical University (China) Xinjiang Pedagogical University (Urumqi, China), Ili Pedagogical University (g.Kuldzha, China), University of Warmia and Mazury (Poland).
  • Taking part in academic mobility and exchange programs at partner universities of foreign countries;
  • Demand for employment in government agencies, international organizations and companies.

Study prospects for graduate students

Annually at the faculty of "Oriental studies" held scientific-theoretical conference, thematic business games, "round tables" that dedicated to discussion of the main achievements and development trends of modern oriental studies.

The Oriental studies faculty actively cooperates with embassies and national culture centers in Turkey, Iran, Japan, Korea, China, Egypt, Pakistan.

Graduate students can operate independently at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, which function Research Center of the East, Centre of Sinology, the Center for Korean Studies / Korea Foundation, equipped with modern technical facilities; work in the reading rooms, the American library, language lab, electronic reading rooms. Graduate students can also participate in online seminars and forums on topical issues of Oriental Studies.

The period of training is 2 years.

Training is done through the budget (grant) and for a fee.

Form of study: full-time.</p

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