Master - Foreign philology

Postgraduate Programme on specialty «6M021000-Foreign philology" provides training for scientific and creative institutions, higher education teachers with an academic degree - Master of Arts.

Educational Master's program is aimed at a comprehensive fundamental theoretical knowledge, at deepening the of methodological, theoretical and practical knowledge about the basic scientific concepts and theories of modern methodology of Foreign Languages, as well as the concept of the modern philosophy of education and the forms and methods of scientific knowledge. Offered educational program for Master of Linguistics and Philology (program within the unified scientific and professional educational programme of Master of a given specialty adequate intentional aimed tasks are comprehensive, integrated and designed to implement all three components of the educational process (methodological and conceptual, the theoretical professional, technological and educational).

Mission of the domain is the creation of the most favorable conditions for students to get a postgraduate professional education and to prepare highly qualified, competitive specialists in the field of Foreign Philology.

The aim of the program is to prepare highly qualified researchers-philologists, university teachers, who have the productive techniques in the context of cognitive-linguocultural methodology of foreign language education.

The objects of the program:

  • the formation of professionally significant competences of a Master of Science, a specialist of Foreign Philology;
  • the formation of theoretical and methodological foundations of professional activity in the field of foreign language education.

Opportunities for postgraduates

Every year undergraduates who have passed on the session well and sent for training in their specialty abroad. Graduate students can also participate in online seminars and forums on topical problems of linguistics and literature. educational programme lasts 2 years. Educational Programme of the postgraduates runs through the budget (grant) and for a fee. Form of study: full-time. After KazUIR & WL named after Abylai Khan issued a state diploma.