Master - Journalism

Preparation of master degree specialists on major “Journalism” is conducted since 2007. University prepares universal type of journalists who will know technologies that will allow them to work in newspaper, radio and television. Specialization of master degree “6М050400-Journalism” prepares majors: “Media communications”, “New technologies in multimedia journalism”, Media discourse in modern mass communications system”.

In order to prepare the master’s degree “6М050400-Journalism” there are functioning laboratory, batch of special programs for layout and assembly to prepare TV or radio programs, advertising shoots and video movies.

Master degree students take an active participation in international scientific conferences.

Master degree students have the opportunity to get the education by double diploma (Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages (Kazakhstan) and Wuhan University (Republic of China).

Students with journalism major go through the internship in the best organizations of the country such as international center “MediaNET”, TV channels “Kazakhstan”, “Almaty”, “Kazakh Radio”, editorial offices of different magazines and newspapers. Kazakh Ablai Khan KazUIR & WL has enough potential and conditions which help to achieve a high quality of educational services, one of which is an availability of information and communication technologies.

Much attention is paid to social partnership, because the development of social partnership in its various forms is an important part of the process of strengthening the social orientation of a modern market economy and its socialization.

Development of the system of social partnership give a possibility to create a balance between the interests of employees and employers on the basis of cooperation, compromise, leading to a social consensus. It is an effective tool which combine economic efficiency and social justice. During the two-year studying undergraduates write their master's thesis. Normally, the study consists of three main stages.

The first stage includes:

  • the choice of issues and themes
  • identifying the object and the subject, objectives and targets
  • development of research hypotheses

Second stage includes:

  • choice of methods and the development of research methodology
  • hypothesis testing
  • the study itself
  • formulation of the preliminary findings, their testing and refinement
  • justification of the final conclusions and recommendations for action

Third (final) stage is based on the implementation of the results into practice. Work is made for the requirements of scientific research.

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