Master - Pedagogics and Psychology

Magistracy in “6M010300 – Pedagogics and Psychology” executes training of scientific, academic and managerial manpower with awarding of academic degree “Master of Education”.

Master of Education is a widely read specialist who is able to creativelythink, independently planand execute scientific research, make responsible decisions, continuously improve his special knowledge and qualities.

The purpose of Educational Program is preparation of the master's student to activities requiring enhanced, fundamental and professional training in the sphere of psycho-pedagogical education, formation of present-day humanistic ideas on educational system, methods of assessment of educational environment and education quality, as well as development in the master's students of skills of appropriate use of modern psycho-pedagogical and scientific research methods and techniques in professional activities.

Implementation of this program supposes the success in solving professional tasks by the master in the sphere of pedagogical, scientific research, managerial, project, methodical, cultural and educational activities, possession of common cultural and professional competencies.

The Educational Program for the master training includes the specialized training which, in its turn, consists of basic and specialized disciplines, selective disciplines, scientific research work and pedagogical practice.

During the educational process the master's students learn methodological and theoretical fundamentals of Pedagogics and Psychology of higher education, familiarize with basic development trends of higher education nowadays. Learn methods of scientific-pedagogical research. Master methodology for teaching of pedagogical and psychological disciplines, modern educational technologies, education quality management system, methodology for organization of scientific research work, history of education and pedagogical ideas in Kazakhstan, etc.

Scientific research and pedagogical practice purposefully facilitates improvement of scientific level and professionally significant competencies taking into consideration specifics of foreign education and scientific studies.

Implementation of Master’s Educational Program is provided by pedagogical personnel having Doctor’s degree, degree of Candidate of pedagogic sciences (Professor, Assistant Professor), systematically engaging in scientific research and scientific-methodological activities, and having basic education appropriate to the specialization of teaching disciplines.

During implementation of this program foreign scientists are also engaged as lectors and consultants.

Academic mobility develops based on conclusion of contracts with foreign educational institutions. Thus, contracts were concluded with Varminsko-Mazurski University in Olshtyn (Poland), International Center of Education and Scientific Informatization (Dusseldorf, Germany), Moscow State University (Russian Federation), etc.

The previous educational level for persons wishing to learn master’s educational programs must be higher or postgraduate education in the following specializations: degree of Bachelor or Specialist (in Pedagogics and Psychology or other disciplines of social and humanitarian knowledge).

The procedure of admission to the Magistracy is established in accordance with Standard Rules of admission to educational institutions which implement professional educational programs of postgraduate education.

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