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The chair of International tourism management implements training and graduation of master students on «6М090200 - Tourism» specialty in accordance with the state license АБ № 0137365 dated on February 3, 2010 (the Order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Master programme on “Tourism” specialty at KAUIR&WL is aimed at the training of highly-qualified specialists who are apt to organize and operate tourism and scientific activity, implement educational and pedagogical activity, fulfill planning and control for employees performance in the tourism companies, set up the marketing strategy and tactics for tourism companies by developing skills to analyze the market and implement an advisory activity.

The distinct feature of the programme is the links of theoretical training, social and practical knowledge and skills for expert and analytical, project and advisory work.

The master programme is mainly focused on studying current issues in the tourism sphere, investigating key problems on the market of the tourism services, developing the marketing thinking, getting solid knowledge about the market conjuncture, methods and techniques of investigation, developing the behaviour skills of the person in a market economy, training of highly-qualified staff, who have a fundamental understanding of the current processes on the national and global markets. The great attention is given to the study of innovational activity of the tourism companies.


  • graduates of humanitarian and economic specialties who desire to be competent in the tourism sphere and get solid education
  • specialists who work in the tourism and hospitality sphere and aim for enlarging professional knowledge and becoming highly-qualified managers in the sphere of up-to-date tourism

The enrollment to the master programme is conducted with regard to the level of previous training and the list of disciplines studied on the bachelor programme.

After the course completion, master students with scientific and pedagogical orientation are awarded the Degree – Master of sciences on «6М090200- Tourism» specialty.

The programme of «6М090200 – Tourism» was developed in the framework of two international projects of Tempus-Tacis «KazTour-10028-95» и «Silk Road-10764-1999» together with Brussels Free University (Belgium) and High School of Tourism, Balearic Isles (Spain). In 2010 «Tourism» specialty was accredited by AQAS, the international agency for quality assurance of study programme.

The specialty is provided with methodic materials and organizational support by three international associations:

  1. EURHODIP - The Leading Hotel School in Europe, Belgium
  2. ATLAS - The Association for Tourism and Leisure Education, the Netherlands
  3. AMFORHT - World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training, France

The chair of International tourism management has AGREEMENTS and MEMORANDUM on cooperative master programme of «Tourism» specialty with the following foreign universities:

  • Wuhan University, China
  • Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands
  • Serres Institute of Technology, Greece
  • Dalian University, China
  • Qiongzhou University, Hainan, China
  • Academy of Tourism, Antalya , Turkey
  • Brussels Free University, Brussels, Belgium
  • University School of Tourism Felipe Moreno, Majorca, Spain
  • Akdeniz University, Antalya , Turkey

ADVANTAGES of «6М090200 - Tourism» study programme:

  • International projects
  • Membership in the international associations
  • Dual-degree programmes
  • Teaching in English
  • Foreign universities-partners
  • Foreign guest lecturers
  • International training for teachers
  • International practice for master students
  • Exchange programmes for a semester
  • Intensive integration of education, science and performance

Our graduates work in:

  • transport companies
  • tour operating companies and travel agencies
  • departments on tourism in akimats
  • national and transnational companies
  • international hotel chains
  • restaurant business
  • advisory companies
  • scientific and educational establishments

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