PhD Programs

The PhD course provides training in the following fields:

  • 6D011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages
  • 6D021000 - Foreign philology
  • 6D020700 - Translation Studies
  • 6D020200 - International relations

 Admission Requirements for the PhD programs:

Master Degree in related fields and working experience at least 3 years after graduating from Masters’ study.

 Admission period is from 10th to 29th July 2016.

Required documents:

  • Application form addressed to the head of the organization
  • Notarized copies of previous educational documents to be sent  with applications
  • The rationale for the proposed dissertation research
  • A copy of identity card or passport
  • A copy of a certificate of a test in a foreign language (if available)
  • A list of previous scientific-methodical works
  • Six photos (size 3x4 cm)
  • Medical certificate form 086-U
  • A personal HR form  and a document confirming labor activities
  • Letters of recommendation (two), signed by professors of universities or research organizations

Please note that original documents are necessary only for verification of the copies. After verification the originals are immediately returned. Duration of studies: 3 years. Mode of study: full-time

IMPORTANT: Until 2015 PhD programs were offered only on the basis of government grants. In line with planned legal changes, from September 2016 KazUIR&WL after Abylai khan will offer PhD programs on paid basis. Admission requirements and exams’ procedure are identical to PhD procedure on the basis of government grant.


Procedure of Entrance Exams

Entrance exams to doctorate programs at KazUIR&WL after Abylai khan are held from 1st till 20th August, enrollment - until 31 August.

Kazakhstan citizens take the following entrance exams:

  • One of 3 foreign languages of choice (English, French, German);
  • Exam in Major area of study

Foreign nationals wanting to take a PhD, must pass the following entrance exams:

  • Kazakh or Russian languages ​​(the language of instruction)
  • Exam in Major area of study

At the time of entrance examinations to the doctoral PhD the Board of Examiners is formed as per the degree program. Exemptions from entrance foreign language examination for the master's degree, residency, postgraduate and doctoral studies are made provided the following international certificates are available and demonstrate knowledge of the foreign language in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The Board of Examiners of each program is formed from the staff of KazUIR&WL after Abylai khan with degrees in the relevant areas. The composition of the Board of Examiners for the program consists of a chairman and three members, two of whom must be doctors of science, and have been approved by the Rector of KazUIR&WL after Abylai khan. During the examination there will be observers who are representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - MES). Entrance exams in foreign languages ​​are carried out as per methodologies developed by the National Center for testing of the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The MES determines the order of entrance examinations in Kazakh, Russian and appropriate foreign languages. Entrance examinations are conducted in foreign languages ​​at universities, determined by the appropriate authorized body. Retaking of entrance exams is not allowed.

иностр филология    ин яз два ин языкаперевод дело    международ отношения

Doctoral PhD: elite education, which is the highest level of scientific training in the scientific system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Doctoral PhD: elite education, which is the highest level of scientific training in the scientific system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The program goal is to train a new generation of Kazakhstani specialists, who are scientific and creative multi-faceted, polylingual able to compete in the domestic and global labor market.

The portfolio of educational services include educational doctorates (international) programs in the fields:

  • 6D021000 - Foreign philology
  • 6D011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages
  • 6D020700 - Translation Studies
  • 6D020200 - International relations

The first experimental PhD program was developed at the University in 2008 in collaboration with scientists from leading universities.

Educational programs of doctoral KazUIR&WLafter Abylay Khan is realized on scientific and pedagogical direction of training and provide an in-depth specialized training that enables graduates to successfully engage in scientific, educational, administrative and expert activities.

Doctoral studies in KazUIR&WLafterAbylaikhan involve active research work in the Scientific and innovative vocational education systems (INA-complexes):

  • INA complex for foreign-language-didactic direction
  • INA complex for linguistic and foreign-philological direction
  • INA complex for international professional direction

INA-complexes include scientific research and innovational and applicational schools and scientific research and laboratory applications.

Doctoral studies in KazUIR&WLafterAbylaikhan involves participation in international research projects as well as university research projects under the guidance of leading experts in the priority areas of science and practice.

Realization of educational programs of Doctorate is made by the University in collaboration with leading foreign educational and scientific organizations. Among them are: University of Waikato (New Zealand), Moscow State Linguistic University (Russian Federation), Giessen University (Federal Republic of Germany), the University of Arizona (USA), University of Carolina (USA), Pusan University of Foreign Studies (Republic of Korea), University of Means (Beijing, China) and many others.

The training program provides for the financing of PhD students to participate in a prestigious international scientific conferences and symposiums, to publish research papers in top international journals included in the database of Thomson Reuters and Scopus. In-depth training programs, training data is achieved through a combination of scientific and methodological schools of two universities - KazUIR&WL and the university partner. The practical orientation of joint educational programs provided by the choice of directions of preparation, having applied nature.

The main partner institutions in the implementation of joint research projects, raising the academic mobility, the organization of scientific training are:

  • «For philology»: Volgograd State Pedagogical University (Russia), University of Puatee (Poitiers, France); Charles University (Charles University, Czech Republic); Tambov State University. G. Derzhavin (Russia), University of Means (Minzu University, China)
  • «For foreign language education»: University of Fribourg (Switzerland); Moscow State Linguistic University (Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia); Russian Peoples' Friendship University (People's Friendship University, Moscow), Pusan University of Foreign Studies (Republic of Korea)
  • «For the comparative-typological study of languages»: Volgograd State Pedagogical University (Russia), University of Giessen Justus Liebig (Germany); University of Warsaw (Warsaw University, Poland); Coastal Carolina University (Coastal Carolina University, USA), etc.
  • «On Oriental studies»: Shanghai University of International Relations (China), Busan University of Foreign Studies (Republic of Korea)
  • «Foreign Relations»: MSIIR (Moscow, Russia), University of Kyonghi (Republic of Korea); University after Jawaharlal Nehru (New Delhi, India); University of Waikato (New Zealand); Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (Switzerland), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA)
Documents required for admission:
  • Application to the head of the organization
  • Justification of the plannedresearch, consistent with the expected domestic and foreign scientific consultant
  • A copy of the identity document
  • A copy of the document on education
  • A copy of the certificate of naturalization test in a foreign language
  • List of scientific and methodical work (if any)
  • 6 photos 3x4 (preferably opaque)
  • Medical Certificate F-086u (you can go on a residence or student polyclinic and Fluorography picture of the current year)
  • Personal leaf on registration of personnel and proof of employment


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