Training of specialists with knowledge of one foreign language elective areas:

  • International trade, foreign trade management processes of interaction
  • Financial markets and international trade (financial and stock markets, investments, financial forms of internationalization of trade interactions between the two countries)
  • Financial institutions, bank management, planning, development, forecasting and financial management in the enterprise
  • Business Economics and Business

and additional electives:

  • International Business
  • Innovative business development
  • Innovative business

The main objectives of bachelor's economy are:

  • pursuit of income
  • pursuit of property status
  • the pursuit of well-being
  • striving to increase in turnover ("market share")
  • the desire to reduce costs
  • winning image

You're going to specialize:

  • On foreign economic activity
  • On the international monetary and financial relations
  • On regional economy
  • On the economy and the management of enterprise
  • On the world economy

You'll practice in:

  • Banking
  • State enterprises
  • Local governments of Almaty
  • Foreign companies

You can work:

  • economist (banking, financial sector, enterprises, foreign companies)
  • managers of state enterprises and joint stock companies
  • independent expert on the financial and credit sector
  • analyst in the Ministry of Finance and foreign companies
  • specialist in social economy organizations

You get a unique opportunity to study a foreign language in the amount of 10 hours per week

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