International Relations

Preparation of experts with knowledge of two foreign languages on elective disciplines:

  • Specialist - Analyst on Global Studies and Contemporary Geopolitical Processes
  • Specialist on the establishment of a single geo-strategic security and control systems (information, energy security, immigration control)
  • Specialist-consultant on international and regional security

Preparation of experts with knowledge of two foreign languages on additional electives:

  • Specialist in international security settlement
  • Expert-coordinator in humanitarian cooperation within the security system
  • Expert in international and regional organizations
  • Expert of political monitoring, analyst of political risks
  • Expert of South-East Asia
  • Expert in Arab states and Africa

The main objectives of bachelor of international relations are:

  • Comparative analysis of international processes
  • Designing and development of recommendations for administrative staff and intergovernmental organizations of RK on foreign policy and foreign economic activity
  • Analysis of events and phenomena in the system of international relations, actual problems of foreign policy of RK and the formulation of foreign policy objectives
  • Arrangement of information-analytical work
  • Development of science-based practical recommendations for state bodies and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan, working in the field of foreign relations in the preparation and implementation of foreign policy decisions
  • Providing advice on issues within the regional and international situation
  • Arrangement of the work of international organizations and non-state enterprises and institutions

You will specialize:

  • in the foreign policy and diplomatic service
  • in the political analysis of international processes
  • in political technologies
  • in political management
  • in diplomatic and consular service
  • in sociology of international relations

You will do internship:

  • in diplomatic and consular organizations
  • in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • in the National Security Structure
  • in departments of the foreign and internal policies within the local authorities (akimats of different levels)
  • in foreign companies
  • in international research centers
  • in Institute of World Economy and Politics
  • in Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies
  • in Monterrey institute of international research

You can work:

  • as a diplomat – official representative of RK abroad
  • as a analyst in big foreign companies and akimats of different levels
  • as a expert of risks in National Security Structure
  • as a expert in political technologies
  • as a expert in political management
  1. You get unique opportunity to learn foreign language in the volume of 12 hours per week (1 and 2 year) and 10 hours on senior courses (3 and 4 year)
  2. Besides additionally you learn second language for free
  3. If you already know foreign language then KazUIR and WL and department of “International Relations” give you opportunity to study on English language starting from the first year
  4. There are No other universities which can teach you foreign language as we do in KazUIR and WL
Remember: elective subject – Foreign language


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