Journalists of universal type are to be able to collect and analyze information, create and edit media texts, develop and implement media projects, prepare media products for printing or going on air; to have a command of digital technologies for simultaneous work for a newspaper, radio, television, Internet, mobile journalism.

Training is realized in the following areas:

  • International Journalism;
  • Management and marketing in the publishing business;
  • TV journalism;
  • Mass media

The university operates the laboratory, including the radio room, editing room, television studio; there is a package of specialized typesetting software for creating and editing television and radio programs, commercials and movies. In the classroom, students prepare layouts of newspapers, magazines, radio or television programs, passing through the entire process of creation stage by stage, from the concept to installation.

You will learn to:

  • collect and process news items;
  • create and broadcast the ready media products on TV and radio;
  • prepare publications for the print media and online editions;
  • create and maintain links with the media, government agencies, consulting and advertising agencies, political parties;
  • master the methods of conducting interviews with scientists, politicians and ranking figures of Kazakhstan and other countries;
  • organize and hold press conferences, round table discussions and other official media activities;
  • handle technical means and channels of information distribution, audio and video equipment, tools of computer graphics and design, and much more!

You will acquire professional knowledge + the English language. Our curriculum provides the following subjects: Issuing Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio Programs, Internet Journalism, TV and Radio Journalism, Ethics in Journalism, Media Law, Theory and Practice of Public Relations, Basic Models of News Journalism, etc.

Where can a journalist work?

You will be able to work in the leading media organizations: "Kazakhstan", "Khabar", "Almaty", "KTK", "NTK" TV channels, "Kazakh Radio", magazines and newspapers, online media, advertising and PR - companies, press services of various power structures, PR- departments of banks, show business, foreign companies, international research centers, in various public and commercial organizations, information services, publishing and analytical structures.

You will be able to master the following related professions:

  • international journalist
  • correspondent
  • reporter
  • linkman
  • reviewer
  • news analyst
  • information and press center officer
  • content manager
  • PR-manager
  • copywriter, rewriter
  • expert on journalism in communication media (CM)
  • TV and online journalist
  • manager in the publishing business
  • producer

We offer a double degree program:

Double degree in "Journalism"
Undergraduate program

  • Wuhan University (China)

Graduate program

  • Wuhan University (China)
  • Teesside University (UK)

Academic mobility (undergraduate)

  • Hanze University (the Netherlands)

Profile subject of the specialty - any (English language, literature, physics, history, etc.).
For "Journalism" enrollees there are two creative examinations:

  • composition
  • placement interview

Scores in the following subjects are recorded on admission:

  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh / Russian language


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