Training of foreign language (English) specialists in the following elective courses: (lawyer with foreign language skills)

  • Law enforcement (criminal law)
  • Entrepreneurial activity (civil law)

Training of foreign language (English) specialists in the following additional elective courses:

  • Specialists in the field of operative investigation activity
  • Specialists in the field of law enforcement
  • Specialists in the investigative agencies
  • Specialists in Statistics
  • Specialists - jurist
  • Legal provision of logistics, transportation, transit of goods within the EEC and the WTO
  • Legal regulation of relations in the sphere of international trade, analyzing the situation, drafting of the legal advice

The main objectives of bachelor in jurisprudence are:

  • Comparative analysis of national and international legislation
  • Drafting of recommendations for legislative activities
  • Analysis of events in law enforcement and judicial activities
  • Organization of information and analytical work
  • Advising on national legislation
  • Organization of the legal aid department in the state and non-state institutions

You will specialize in:

  • Internal politics of the state in the area of law enforcement
  • In a legal analysis of legal acts, laws, local acts
  • Organization and liquidation of legal entities and support documentation of legal entities
  • Law enforcement agencies (courts, prosecutors, military police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs)

You will practice in:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • National Security Agencies
  • Legal department of local governments (local councils of different level)
  • Foreign companies
  • Prosecutor's office
  • District and municipal courts

You can work as:

  • investigator, procurator in law enforcement agencies
  • investigator, procurator in the National Security Bodies
  • Lawyer, legal consultant in the legal department of local government (local councils of different levels)
  • Lawyer in legal departments of foreign companies
  • Prosecutor, assistant prosecutor in the Prosecutor's Office
  • Specialist, leading specialist, chief specialist in the district and municipal courts

You get a unique opportunity to study a foreign language in the total amount of 32 credits during 4 years.

In any other universities the foreign language is not so profoundly taught as in Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages

Country needs its own highly qualified specialists in jurisprudence with foreign language skills

Remember: optional course – world history

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