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Marketer - is a specialist in product promotions, it analyzes demand for manufactured goods, exploring the markets of goods, the management company is developing recommendations on the possible sale of the goods.

Our graduates work as a(n) :

  • brand-managers
  • marketers in companies and enterprises
  • specialists of public relations
  • analysts in consulting companies
  • professionals in advertising agencies
  • copywriters
  • logisticians
  • merchandisers


  • Marketer studies and predicts the tastes and needs of customers
  • Marketer conducts research, organizes the work of the interviewers, finds out what products will be in great demand among customers and why
  • Marketer identifies prospects of selling the product, its competitiveness in the market
  • Marketers work in enterprises that are interested in promoting and marketing their products
  • Marketers work in banks, trading firms, industrial holdings
  • Marketers work and specialize in consulting companies, providing services in marketing research
  • A specialist in the field of marketing should be responsible, sociable and resistant to stress
  • A marketer should possess analytical and creative thinking

List of specialized disciplines:

  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Marketing Communication
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing services
  • global commodity markets
  • industrial marketing
  • marketing planning
  • marketing analysis
  • Trading marketing
  • strategic marketing
  • technology sales
  • management of marketing channels
  • Economy Trade
  • Practical Marketing
  • Bank Marketing
  • Theoretical Foundations of merchandising
  • marketing and sales of integrated logistics

You will work as a(n):

  • head of a Chair /Department
  • marketer in Advertising agencies
  • marketer in Marketing / Research Company
  • almost every company needs marketing staff
  • marketer in consulting firms

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