Restaurant Business and Hotel Industry

The Programme has a strong focus on acquisition of one foreign language competence in the elective studies of:

  • restaurant business
  • hotel business

The Programme has a strong focus on acquisition of one foreign language competence in the complimentary elective studies of:

  • restaurant and hotel business in the large business sector
  • restaurant and hotel business in the small and medium-sized business sector

Major areas of competence for Bachelors of services in restaurant business and hotel industry:

  • principles of catering and hotel enterprises functioning
  • human resource and enterprise management system
  • principles of personnel work organization, personnel training and performance assessment methods
  • forms and methods of service provision in restaurants, hotels and tourist complexes
  • working out and applying information and telecommunication technologies in a professional career
  • perspective and current planning of the market activity of service enterprises taking into account changes in the political, social and economic situations in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • conducting marketing research works aimed at improving overall efficiency of the restaurant and hotel activity
  • transforming the system of restaurant and hotel business services into a profitable sector

You will be specializing in:

  • organizing highly-effective customer service
  • tackling organizational and strategic issues
  • creating comfortable conditions for customers and guests in hotels, tourist and restaurant complexes
  • providing assistance and consultations to customers
  • implementing service quality control
  • maintaining control over guest accommodation services
  • managing conflict and stress situations at work
  • dealing with customer and guest complaints and taking measures for their prevention
  • monitoring personnel performance, ensuring clean premises and order in hotel and restaurant complexes, control over implementation of rules and regulations of labour protection and sanitation-hygiene requirements
  • using modern communication means and office equipment
  • applying information technologies at work
  • promoting services, maintaining high service quality level

You will go through the internship in:

  • restaurant enterprises in Kazakhstan
  • hotel complexes in Kazakhstan
  • sanatoriums and resorts in Kazakhstan
  • hotel and restaurant complexes in Turkey, Greece and China
  • higher educational institutions

You can choose a career paths in:

  • employment in the position of a manager and economist in hospitality industry
  • employment as directors and deputy directors in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.
  • obtaining Master’s degree in “Restaurant business and hotel industry”


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