State and local government

State and local government - for those who want to become a professional civil servant and fluent in advanced management technologies

Our graduates work as a(n) :

  • administrative civil servants (experts of state and local governments)
  • experts and economists, managers and administrators in companies and enterprises
  • management of the economy, administrative and territorial districts, the manager and economist in the national companies in various enterprises of the country

Bachelor of State and local government

  • knows the economy of the country and its regions
  • has a sufficient level of cultural behavior and professional ethics
  • knows the basics of public administration and municipal management
  • examines the demographic and economic situation in their respective regions
  • is able to predict and plan for economic and social development of regions, cities, regions, social infrastructure
  • assesses the economic, social and political conditions and the effects (results) implementation of state programs
  • is addressing social issues

You are going to study:

  • state regulation of the economy
  • computer modeling in management
  • public finances
  • international economic integration
  • customs business
  • feasibility study of projects
  • management of the media
  • strategy of multinational companies
  • communication with the Government (Government Relations)
  • theory of government
  • ethics policy and governance
  • management of economic security and others

You will work at:

  • national companies
  • State-owned enterprises and budget organizations
  • Local governments (districts, cities, regions)
  • non-profit and public organizations
  • international organizations and international controls
  • bodies of economic and financial management (ministries, departments, agencies)
  • The National Bank and its structure
  • sectors Structural subsection Government of the RK
  • The unit of the Kazakh Parliament
  • The Office of the Prime Minister
  • The Office and the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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универсиада замена