Master - Economics

    Educational program:

    7M04170 (01) - Economics (scientific and pedagogical direction),

    7M04170 (02) - Economics (profile direction).


    Training in the master's program is carried out in two directions: scientific and pedagogical (2 years) and specialized (1 year). Training form is full-time.

    The purpose of the educational program is to train highly professional specialists in Kazakhstan who have competitive advantages in the labor market in the transition to an innovative economy.

    Training of a highly qualified specialist obtained professional competencies in the field of Economics, management and production organization; being able to analyze the activities of economic objects, make scientific coherent outcome and choose appropriate forms of production and management organization, make management decisions; apply model to describe and predict processes, phenomena, situations, while performing their qualitative, quantitative analysis and synthesis.     

            A distinctive feature that characterizes the content of training is the link between theoretical training, social and practical knowledge and skills of expert-analytical, project and consulting work.

               Postgraduate students are engaged in research work, take part in scientific conferences of various levels, have scientific training and research practice in leading Universities, enterprises of the real sector, research institutes and research and innovation laboratories of KazUIR and WL.

              The training program language is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English.

      The program is taught and supervised by specialists of the highest academic qualification: doctors of science, professors, candidates of science, associate professors with long experience in scientific and pedagogical work, as well as invited teachers from the organizations.

    Post graduate students obtained a master's degree in Economics have all the appropriate knowledge and practical skills for qualified work in the field of pedagogical activity and as middle and senior managers of enterprises in the real economy sector, banking sector, and they can be used in various managerial positions in the future.

               Upon completion of the educational program, the following degree is awarded:

    - Scientific and pedagogical direction - master of Economics on the educational program "7M04170 (01) - Economics»;

    - Profile direction - master of business and management on the educational program "7M04170 (02) - Economics".

     It is offered to study the minor (additional profiles) on "Business processes in the modern economy" and "Financial accounting and Analytics"within the framework of these educational programs

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