Master - Marketing

    Educational programs:

    M075 - Marketing and advertising - training of Masters of Economic Sciences in the educational program "M075-Marketing and Advertising";

    M075 - Marketing and Advertising - Preparation of Masters in Business and Management under the educational program "M075-Marketing and Advertising".

    Training in the magistracy is carried out in two directions: profile (1 year) and scientific and pedagogical (2 years).

    Full-time form of education.

    The purpose of the educational program is to prepare masters with all the necessary knowledge and practical skills for qualified work in the field of pedagogical activity and as managers of the middle and top level of the enterprise management system (organization, management, research, program development, control), strategic and operational marketing planning , product policy development, pricing policy, distribution policy (decisions on distribution channels), communication policy and (decisions on promotion). In addition, they receive the specialties of Business Process Manager, Manager of the state and corporate governance system, Analyst-researcher in the system of state and corporate governance.

    Master students are engaged in research work, take part in scientific conferences at various levels, undergo scientific internships and research practice in leading universities, research institutes, research and innovation laboratories of Ablai khan university of international relations and world languages.

    Training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English.

    According to this program, experts of the highest academic qualifications teach and supervise the scientific work: doctors of sciences, professors, candidates of sciences, doctors of PhD, associate professors with extensive experience in scientific and pedagogical work, as well as invited foreign professors.

    The sphere of professional activity is education, science, the real sector of the economy.

    The objects of professional activity are: various international and domestic companies, consulting companies, higher education institutions, research centers, etc.

    Upon completion of the educational program, the degree is awarded:

    - scientific and pedagogical direction - economics in the educational program "M075-Marketing and Advertising";

    - profile direction - Master of Business and Management in the educational program "M075-Marketing and Advertising".

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