Master - International law

    Educational programs:

    7M02078 (01) - International law (scientific and pedagogical direction),

    7M02078 (02) - International law (profile direction)


    Training in the master's program is carried out in two directions: profile (1 year) and scientific and pedagogical (2 years). The form of training is full-time.

    The main goal of the educational program in the specialty International law is to organize the educational process with the inclusion of the latest technologies that provide comprehensive and high-quality training of qualified, competitive personnel with in-depth scientific and pedagogical, professional training, high moral qualities, capable of independent thinking, professional activity.

    Undergraduates are engaged in research work, take part in scientific conferences of various levels, undergo scientific training and research practice in leading Universities of Kazakhstan, Research institutes and research and innovation laboratories of Kazakh university of international relations and world languages named after Abylay Khan .

    The training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian, and English.

    This program is taught and supervised by specialists of the highest academic qualification: doctors of science, professors, candidates of science, associate professors with long experience in scientific and pedagogical work, as well as invited foreign teachers.

    The main areas of activity of the undergraduates are: research work in the field of theoretical and applied problems of national and international law; expert and analytical work on the preparation of legal documents. Graduates of the master's degree can also continue to engage in research activities in leading research centers of Universities in Kazakhstan and abroad. Scientific internships of undergraduates are held in domestic and foreign research institutions.

    Upon completion of the educational program, the following degree is awarded:

    - scientific and pedagogical direction – «Master of juridical sciences»;

    - profile direction - "Master of law".

    As part of these educational programs, the study of miners (additional profiles): "International legal regulation of legal assistance in civil, criminal and family cases" and "International legal bases of international interaction and models of intercultural communication".

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