Master - Public Relations

    Training of PR specialists of a wide profile with the knowledge of foreign language


    • Specialist in public relations
    • Content manager
    • Account manager
    • Specialist SMM (Social Media Manager)
    • Manager (director) for strategic communications
    • Head of press service
    • PR consultant
    • GR consultant (Government Relations Manager)
    • Creative director
    • Image maker
    • Crisis communications specialist

    You can specialize in:

    • analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of PR – strategies of competitors; development of plans for PR campaigns; making forecasts of the impact on the image of enterprises of certain planned shares
    • assessment of the effectiveness of PR campaigns
    • organization and maintenance of PR events in social fields
    • use of news management for the formation and management of public opinion
    • creation of original PR campaigns using digital technologies in the conditions of continuous change in media consumption
    • content analysis of media materials
    • management of communication campaigns and media relations

    Specialization: PR–management

    Extra qualifications:


    • Organizer of PR events in the social sphere
    • Content manager
    • SMM manager
    • External communications consultant
    • PR analyst

    Where will you get job training?

    • PR departments of companies, PR agencies
    • Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies
    • Almaty Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations «Ariptes»

    -     new media «365», «HOLAnews»

    -    communication group «Image partner»

    -    Business Development and Investment Association «EXPOBEST.KZ»

    -    Press Service of Akimat of Almaly District of Almaty


    That’s not all!

    Our undergraduates actively participate in international scientific and practical conferences, undergo international practice in foreign universities.


    If you have a creative approach to any issue and you are ready to develop in this direction then we are waiting for you!

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