Finance and credit

Direction of professional training: «6B041-Business and management»

Group of educational programs: «6b046 – Finance, economics, banking and insurance»

Educational program: «6B04104-Finance and BANKING»


Financier is one of the most prestigious professions of our time. Specialists in this field are quite highly valued if they are highly qualified, since the goal of any commercial organization or enterprise is to increase capital.

The educational program "Finance and credit" allows students to gain extensive knowledge about the processes of forming and executing budgets at different levels, the procedure for planning of accounting and reporting, the organization and management of cash flows of enterprises, investment activities, and the specifics of organizing the finances of enterprises and organizations, banks and other financial institutions.

The program combines both domestic and foreign training methods, which involve the analysis of real business examples, conducting business games and relevant master classes, creating training projects, etc..


Training of specialists on Minors:

  • Financier-economist. A specialist being able to have skills of a Manager for effective management of the company's financial resources, being able to have professional knowledge of the functioning of financial markets and financial technologies.
  • Financial analyst. Specialist being able to have skills in risk management and effective business management in a changing business environment and uncertainty.


Bachelor in Finance and credit:

  • able to analyze the company's financial assets and advise on their purchase or sale;
  • able to develop strategies for the company's development, evaluate its financial results, liquidity and financial stability, diagnose the probability of bankruptcy, and develop further ways to improve the development of companies and financial institutions;
  • able to analyze the investment attractiveness of companies, advise on the placement of funds in various banking products.


You will be specializing in: 

  • modeling the financial activity of companies;
  • getting skills in using financial market instruments (money market, securities market, currency market, etc.)
  • developing and adapting the pricing system for financial instruments and forecasting their value;
  • creating of investment portfolio skills


You will have a production internship:

  • at companies and enterprises they able to learn about the specifics of their future activities;
  • in various fields such as the public and commercial sectors


You will work:

  • in international companies and private organizations;
  • in the public financial institutions; in banks and micro-credit organizations;
  • in insurance companies;
  • in medium-and large-scale commercial organizations;
  • in investment funds and other financial institutions.

You get a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language throughout the entire period of study (1-4 courses)


Remember: core subjects are Mathematics + Geography