Oriental Studies

The educational program “6B02201-Oriental Studies” is aimed at training specialists on  Eastern countries with knowledge of the specifics of the history, culture, politics, economics of the countries of the studied region who speak foreign languages ​​(including the foreign language of the countries of the region and English as the language of international communication) and analytical skills in international environment that can accompany the international activities of state, private and public organizations in order to modernize Kazakhstan.


The objectives of the educational program (EP):

  • Comprehensive study of history, ethnography, economics and politics, science and culture, literature and traditions of the studied region
  • Intensive study of eastern and western languages


Minors of the EP for training specialists with knowledge of 2 foreign languages:

  • Geopolitical and geoeconomic transformation of the East: sustainable development and security
  • Kazakhstan and the 21st Century Silk Road: new mechanisms for regional partnership
  • Creative industries of the East
  • Resource potential of Foreign Asia: East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East


Main qualification: Orientalist


Additional qualifications:

  • Assistant for International Legal Affairs
  • Assistant Coordinator for Intercultural Communication
  • Assistant at the representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Specialist in the design of innovation and infrastructure development
  • Consultant logistics companies
  • Organizer of business negotiations
  • Digital Tourism Specialist
  • Tourism Promotion Specialist (E-tourism)
  • Media agent
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Business Specialist
  • Resource Project Developer
  • Legal Advisor


Passage base of traineeship:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Institute of Oriental Studies named after R. Suleimenova
  • Akimats (local municipal administration) and departments of education
  • Travel agencies and media representatives of Eastern countries
  • Banks and commercial organizations


  • You get a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language (Oriental) in the amount of 12 hours a week (1 and 2 courses), and 10 hours in senior courses (3 and 4 courses)
  • A second foreign language of your choice from the 2nd year is waiting for you


Remember: specialized subjects - Foreign language + World History

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