Direction of professional training: 6B041 - Business and management

Group of educational programs: B046-Finance, Economics, banking and insurance

Specialty: «6B04101 – Economics»



Educational program on "Economics", based on a combination of theory and practice, trains economists with analytical creative thinking to work in all areas of activity at the national, international and global levels.

The program trains unique specialists who are not only in demand in the market, but also have interdisciplinary skills. Students will have a unique opportunity not only to gain knowledge in the field of development in business process forecasting, get acquainted with the basics of human resource management, knowledge of optimal and effective business process design, but also to develop solutions to real business cases and problems.

This program studies the most important aspects of economic activity of enterprises in various fields and areas of activity, small, medium and large enterprises in General and at the level of individual regions, concerning the resource base, the mechanism of functioning in the market environment, its efficiency and competitiveness, introduces students to the skills of conducting a comprehensive economic analysis, operating in such special categories as "lost profits" and "unaccounted costs".

The program is aimed at developing students ' economic thinking necessary to find and choose the best ways to solve economic problems, based on the study and acquisition of skills of analysis, reasoning conclusions and justification of decisions on the effective use of the resource potential of the enterprise.

The program also examines the supply and demand for labor resources, which, in turn, affect the determination of wage levels, identifying the causes of unemployment and the consequences for the labor market.


Training of specialists on Minors:

  • A labor-economist. Specialist in labor Economics and enterprise accounting
  • Economist-analyst. Specialist in applied Economics and economic analysis of business processes


The bachelors in Economics will be:

-           able to make decisions and assess their consequences at all levels and spheres of the national economy, analyzing relevant information, using a variety of analytical methods, principles of corporate social responsibility and ethical consequences

-           perform a professional function in the field of Economics and business in all sectors of the national economy, using appropriate digital technologies, tools and theories

-           integrate key concepts, paradigms and theoretical developments in the functional areas of Economics, forecasting of economic development and data Analytics for the implementation of professional functions in the field of regulation, management and business, taking into account the international economic environment

-           analyze and present economic, financial and management information, trends and patterns of development for internal and external stakeholders, justification of economic policy and market positioning

-           evaluate the economic efficiency of the organization by conducting technical and economic analysis, determining break-even point and prospects for the development of production and services

-           evaluate national, international and global markets to determine the prospects for the production of goods and services

-           identify effective sales markets to ensure the competitiveness of national economic entities


You will be specializing in: 

  • research and analysis of business processes to create a competitive and flexible organization
  • developing business strategies for the organization
  • the analysis of industries or sectors of the economy to make effective decisions,
  • Economics and managing of entrepreneurship
  • workforce forecasting and prioritization of human resource management strategies
  • performance analysis and optimization of load distribution for employees, their motivation and incentives

You will work:

  • industrial and agricultural enterprises;
  • service company;
  • consulting firm;
  • trade organization;
  • small, medium and large businesses;
  • resource-supplying organizations;
  • educational institutions (teaching activities);
  • research institutes, Academies of Sciences;
  • Government agencies dealing with economic issues;
  • financial organizations (investment companies, pension funds, insurance agencies);


You will have a production internship:

  • at manufacturing and industrial enterprises
  • in the service sector
  • at state enterprises
  • in consulting firms
  • in trade organizations
  • in investment companies
  • in foreign companies


You get a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language throughout the entire period of study (1-4 courses)


Remember: core subjects are Mathematics + Geography

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