Teacher of Two Foreign Languages

Dear Applicants!

You get a unique opportunity to learn two foreign languages and multifunctional training in the framework of Minor Programs.


Training Direction: 6В017 - Training of Teachers in Languages and Literature


Group of Educational Programs: 6В01718 - Teacher of Two Foreign Languages


Specialty: "6В01718 - Teacher of Two Foreign Languages"

  • trains specialists with a high-level of foreign language proficiency in two foreign languages. The Program prepares students for teaching in Primary, Basic and Senior Stage of a secondary school;
  • Along with academic study of foreign languages, the Program offers courses in Methodology and technologies of foreign language education in specialized schools in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Humanities (Literature of the country of the target language) and Economics.
  • Highly competent and experienced Academic staff regularly undergoes professional development courses and international certification;
  • The Faculty consists of four departments: Department of Speech Practice, Department of Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, and Department of Methodology of Foreign Language Education. The departments implement a cluster in the framework of Foreign Language Education in cooperation with Pedagogical College.
  • The Program has established links and partnerships with universities of Europe and Asia, efficaciously implementing academic mobility and the "Dual Degree" Programs for students and teachers;
  • The Program conducts international scientific and practical conferences, methodological seminars, forums, round table conferences, international and National olympiads


Training specialists in Minors:

  • Professional Intercultural Communication in Humanities
  • Professional Intercultural Communication in Economics
  • Professional sectoral Intercultural Communication in Natural-Sciences
  • Infocommunication technologies to provide a multi- communication format


Bachelor of Arts will:

  • acquire a high-level of proficiency in two foreign languages as a means of intercultural communication in various fields;
  • own speech and business etiquette, the ability of oral and written communication at a professionally sufficient level;
  • be equipped with the methodological foundations of teaching foreign languages and Literature;
  • own methodological foundations of teaching foreign languages and Literature;


You will specialize in:

  • knowledge of two foreign languages ​​and foreign literature;
  • specifics, modern methods and innovative technologies of teaching a foreign language and Literature in primary, basic and specialized levels of foreign language education;
  • organization, planning and management of educational process;
  • information and communication technologies for creating educational content and providing learning environment;
  • psychological and pedagogical peculiarities of mastering foreign languages;
  • the technique of critical thinking and cognitive involvement;
  • the specifics of specialized professional foreign language training.


You will undergo Practicum in:

  • schools and gymnasiums of Almaty in a major foreign language;
  • in specialized colleges, schools in second foreign language;
  • using European / Eastern languages as a means of intercultural communication, able to work in a foreign language environment;



You will undergo language internships at partner universities in exchange Programs at:


  • University of Passau (Germany), University of Friborg (Switzerland);
  • UniversityofPoitiers (France);
  • Landzhou University (China), Kebansaan University (Malaysia), Universities of South Korea, etc .;


Career opportunities:

The degree can open up opportunities in the following areas:


  • educational institutions of public and private educational sectors (schools, colleges, etc.);
  • in companies and organizations whose activities are related to international cooperation, and are in need of qualified personnel in the field of intercultural communication.


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