World Economy

Direction of professional training: «6B041 - Business and management

Group of educational programs: B046-Finance, Economics, banking and insurance

Specialty: «6В04102 -World Economy»


By saying "world economy", it means a global market system; the formation of supply and demand for goods and factors of production in international circulation; analysis and programming tools of the national economy in terms of its interaction with the economies of other countries; financial market development trends; ways to improve the global economic system.

The program involves fundamental education in the field of the theory of international trade, international finance and international business, as well as the study of applied disciplines that form practical skills in the field of foreign economic activity.

Training of specialists on Minors:

- Investment and innovation model for the development of the global economy. Investment project specialist, development and innovation specialist, risk manager.

- The economics of transnational corporations and international economic integration. The economist is an international economist, an economist of transnational corporations, a consultant on foreign economic activity, an economist of international business.

The bachelors of the global economy will:

- know the nature, types and forms of foreign economic activity of enterprises, the general characteristics of the analysis of world markets for goods and services;

- be able to apply methods of analysis of problems of the foreign economic sphere of modern international business and entrepreneurship;

- apply forecasting methods for the world market of goods and services.

- analyze the external environment of international business, the choice of countries, markets for international business.

You will specialize in areas such as:

- analysis of modern international business and entrepreneurship, the choice of countries, markets for international business;

- assessment of the effectiveness of foreign economic activity of international companies;

- analysis of the state of global investment flows and the role of investments in the innovation policy of domestic and foreign companies;

- analysis of the problems of international trade of processes of international economic integration.

You will undergo practical training in such organizations as:

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of National Economy;

- National Chamber of Entrepreneurs;

- transnational and joint companies.

You will work

- at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of National Economy, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, etc.

- supranational and international organizations: Eurasian Economic Commission, World Trade Organization;

- banks and insurance companies, large Kazakhstani and international industrial and energy companies: Kazmunaigas, Aktobemunaigas, Samsung, Electronics, etc.

You get a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language throughout the entire period of study (1-4 courses)

Remember: specialized subjects - Mathematics + Geography

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