Department of International Communications

Direction of training: 6В032 "Journalism and information"

Group of educational programs: 6B042 - "Journalism and reporting"

Educational program: 6B03201 - "Journalism"

Training of journalists with knowledge of a foreign language

The uniqueness of the educational program "Journalism" lies in practice-oriented training. Along with theoretical training, students acquire practical experience from the first year, develop critical thinking, technical and multimedia skills: writing journalistic texts, scenario plans, layout of magazines and newspapers, photo and video shooting, video editing and dubbing, preparation of radio and television reports, as well as programs of various genres.

A feature of this program is an in-depth study of the English language, which will allow students to study subjects in English, attend courses and master classes of invited teachers from universities around the world, create original content in English.


  • Correspondent of TV and radio programs, Internet resources
  • News reporter
  • Host of TV and radio programs
  • Observer of international events, sports events, cultural events
  • Political commentator
  • Specialist in the field of mass media (MSK);
  • Producer of TV, radio and web projects.

Students receive comprehensive training in journalism, economics, political analysis, media management, advertising, orient themselves in the international, social, legal realities of society.

You can specialize in:

  • Organization of information products for the promotion and forecasting of international events
  • Study of the prospects of QMS in Kazakhstan and the world, taking into account socio-political peculiarities and international legal norms
  • Assessment of the state of the effectiveness of the media of Kazakhstan and foreign information resources
  • Formation and promotion of the image of the politician
  • Advertising activities

Additional qualifications:

  • Specialist in International Review
  • Analyst in the international field
  • Foreign Broadcasting correspondent
  • Specialist in political review
  • Consultant- political strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Advertising Specialist

Where will you practice?

  • TV channels and radio stations
  • Editorial offices of newspapers and magazines
  • Internet publications and news portals

Where can you work?

  • TV channels: "Kazakhstan", "Khabar", "Almaty", "CPC", "NTK", "Eurasia 1", "Mir", "Kazak radiosy"
  • editorial offices of magazines and newspapers,
  • network media,
  • in international news departments,
  • in information services, publishing and analytical structures.

Academic mobility

  • Kukmin University (South Korea)
  • Baltic International Academy (Latvia)
  • University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)
  • Linguo-Technical University in Sveche (Poland)
  • Hanse University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
  • Teesside University (UK)
  • UPN Jakarta University (Indonesia)

How to apply to us?

The profile subject of the specialty is any (English, literature, physics, history, etc.).

Two creative exams are provided for applicants in the specialty "Journalism":

  • essay
  • interview

Upon admission , points in the following subjects are taken into account:

  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Reading literacy

That's not all!

Our students can pass the military department and get the qualification of a war correspondent

By choosing us, you make the right decision!


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