Public relations

Department of International Communications

Direction of training: 6В032 "Journalism and information"

Group of educational programs: 6B042 - "Journalism and reporting"

Specialty: 6B03202 - "Public Relations"

Training of PR-specialists with knowledge of a foreign language

The uniqueness of the educational program "Public Relations" lies in the practical orientation of the program. Together with theoretical training, students acquire practical experience from the first year, offer not just PR or advertising campaigns, but communication strategies, make content plans, develop creative thinking, realize creative potential, develop a personal brand concept, create the necessary audio and video series, and integrate everything together into a variety of media carriers.

A feature of this program is an in-depth study of the English language, which will allow students to study subjects in English, attend courses and master classes of invited teachers from universities around the world, create original content in English.


  • public relations specialist
  • Content manager
  • account manager
  • SMM (social media management) specialist
  • manager (director) for strategic communications
  • manager (director) for external / internal communications
  • head of the press service
  • PR consultant
  • GR-consultant (Government relations management)
  • creative director
  • image maker
  • crisis communications specialist

Students receive comprehensive training in the field of PR, business, political communications, digital, event management, media, advertising, human resource management, and are oriented in the communications industry.

You can specialize in:

  • create creative projects
  • establish and maintain contacts with the media, government agencies, consulting and advertising agencies, political parties
  • work with public opinion polling technologies
  • plan and organize advertising and PR campaigns
  • conduct corporate events
  • create a positive image
  • promote on social networks, websites, YouTube, etc. online resources

Additional qualifications:

  • Specialist in Economic review
  • Analyst in business media
  • Consultant in the field of electronic business journalism
  • Business consultant on communication policy
  • Digital Communication Consultant
  • Organizer of PR events in the field of business

Where will you practice?

  • PR organizations
  • Advertising companies
  • Event agencies 

Where can you work?

  • full cycle advertising agencies
  • marketing companies
  • PR departments
  • consulting agencies
  • government bodies
  • public and commercial organizations

Academic mobility

  • Kukmin University (South Korea)
  • Baltic International Academy (Latvia)
  • University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)
  • Linguistic and Technical University in Candle (Poland)
  • Hanse University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
  • Teesside University (UK)
  • UPN Jakarta University (Indonesia)

How to apply to us?

Profile subject of the specialty - any (English, literature, physics, history, etc.).

For applicants in the specialty "Public Relations" there are two creative exams:

  • essay
  • presentation

Upon admission, points are taken into account in the following subjects:

  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Reading literacy

That's not all!

Our students can pass the military department free of charge (based on the results of a medical examination and regulatory requirements)

By choosing us, you make the right decision!


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