Restaurant Business and Hotel Industry

Department of management and international tourism

Training direction: 6В111 Service sector

Group of educational programs: 6В093 – Restaurant and hotel business

Specialty: 6В11102 – Restaurant and hotel business

Training specialists with knowledge of foreign languages ​​in the areas of:

The main objectives of the bachelor of restaurant and hotel business are:

  • identification of the basic principles of the functioning of catering and hotel facilities
    • defining human resources management system and organization
  • principles of organizing personnel work, methods of training and monitoring the activities of personnel
    • determination of forms and methods of service in restaurants, hotels and tourist complexes
    • development and use of information and telecommunication technologies in professional activities
    • prospective and current planning of the market activity of public services enterprises taking into account changes in the socio-political and socio-economic situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad
  • conducting marketing research in order to increase the efficiency ofrestaurants and hotels
    • turning the system of restaurant services and hotel business into a profitable industry


You will specialize in:


  • organizing highly effective customer service
  • solving organizational and strategic tasks
  • creating comfortable conditions for staying in hotels and tourist and restaurant complexes
  • advising consumers on the services provided
  • monitoring the quality of services provided
  • carrying out control over consumer accommodation
  • managing conflicts and stresses in professional activities
  • considering claims and taking measures to prevent them
  • monitoring the staff performance, ensuring cleanliness and order in the rooms of hotels and tourist and restaurant complexes, controlling the implementation of rules and norms of labor protection and the requirements of industrial sanitation and hygiene
    • using modern means of communication and office equipment;
  • using information technology in professional activities
  • promotion of services, ensuring the quality of services (profitability, accessibility, reliability,

safety, ergonomics, aesthetics, etc.


You will have internship in:


  • restaurants in Almaty and the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • hotel complexes of Almaty and the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • sanatoria and resorts of Almaty and the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • hotel and restaurant complexes of Turkey, Greece and China
  • universities


You can work as a:


  • manager and economist in the hospitality industry
  • director and deputy director in prestigious hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.
  • graduates of the specialty "Restaurant and hotel business" can continue their studies in the magistracy


⃰ You get a unique opportunity to study a foreign language (English) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and a second foreign language of your choice on a fee basis

No other university teaches a foreign language like KazUIR&WL

Remember, profile subjects:


For school graduates: Geography + Foreign language

For college graduates: History + Service organization in restaurants and hotel facilities


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