International Tourism management department

Field of education: 6В111 Service sector

Group of educational programs: 6В091 – Tourism

Code of the educational program: 6В11101 Tourism

Academic Degree: Bachelor in Services

Member of international and national associations:

EURHODIP –The Leading Hotel School in Europe (Belgium)

KTA - Kazakhstan Tourism Association

KAGIR - Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants

Training specialists with knowledge of a foreign language in the following areas:

The uniqueness of the program is being aimed at providing students with the skills of setting up and managing a tourism business, of exploring the potential of the domestic tourism industry - i.e. the emphasis on the development of research and business skills, training of managers, primarily for domestic and international tourism.

The main tasks of a bachelor in services of EP 6B11102 Tourism are:

  • organization and management of work on the provision of tourist services in various areas of the tourism business
  • forecasting and planning activities of tourist structures
  • marketing research on the development of new ideas and tourism services in the domestic and foreign markets
  • applying methods of taking effective management decisions to improve financial stability, substantiation of the economic feasibility of opening a tourism and hotel business enterprise
  • organizing advertising campaigns to promote a tourist product
  • conducting scientific research on the current state of the tourist services market
  • conducting studies of the prospects for the development of tourism in the regions of Kazakhstan, taking into account their natural, climatic, geographical and national characteristics
  • condition assessment of the tourist regions and the importance of tourism business in Kazakhstan

Internship in:

  • travel companies and firms
  • hotel complexes in Almaty and Kazakhstan
  • hotel complexes in Turkey

Academic mobility:

  • University of Applied Sciences (ISMA) (Riga, Latvia)
  • Inholland University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands)

Sphere of professional activity

Tourist enterprises of various forms of ownership, republican and international tour operators and travel agencies, accommodation enterprises, museums, sanatoria and resorts, government agencies, public organizations, republican and international exhibition centers, secondary vocational training centers, children's and youth active tourism centers.

Employment of graduates:

  • tourism manager with a focus on management activities (management of tourism enterprises, hotel facilities, catering enterprises, airlines)
  • tour guide
  • tourist instructor
  • head of a tourist group
  • employee / head of the tourism department in local executive bodies
  • manager of international and domestic tourism
  • guide-interpreter
  • event organizer
  • brand manager
  • marketers and heads of marketing departments of travel companies and the hospitality enterprises
  • managers of advertising services of tourist enterprises
  • managers of various services of tourist, hotel and restaurant complexes
  • specialists in government bodies involved in the development of tourism, tourism consulting companies, marketing services of tourism enterprises, tourism and sports sectors of economy

Foreign language (English) is taught in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the second foreign language is taught on a fee-paying basis

Major subjects:

For school graduates: Geography + Foreign language

For college Graduates: Geography + Organization of tourist activities


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