The Faculty of Oriental Studies

Dear friends, we are glad to welcome you to the Faculty of Oriental Studies of KazUIR&WL named after Abylai Khan! 

The Faculty of Oriental Studies is the largest center in Kazakhstan to train highly qualified specialists with knowledge of Oriental languages. The study of Oriental languages within the walls of the university dates back to 1993, the XX century. Today's Faculty of Oriental Studies is a recognized center of Kazakhstan's Oriental studies, where highly qualified teaching staff work, an interesting and creative educational process is carried out, as well as scientific research.

The following educational programs are implemented at the faculty:

  • 6B02201 Oriental studies
  • 6B02302 Translation (Oriental languages)
  • 6В02304 Foreign philology (oriental languages)
  • 7M02211 Oriental Studies (Scientific and Pedagogical)
  • 7M02212 Oriental studies (profile)



The curriculum of undergraduate educational programs includes disciplines in the specialty and general Oriental Studies subjects. Students are also engaged in project and research work aimed at obtaining both research and practical skills.
The faculty teaches 6 oriental languages: Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, and Japanese, as well as a western language: English. Among the teachers, there are native speakers of every major oriental language studied.
Bachelors can go on an internship at foreign partner universities and take part in winter and summer schools. KazUMOiWL cooperates with universities in China, Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East.
The uniqueness of the master's educational program "Oriental Studies" is that it combines the best traditions of the Kazakh oriental school with the latest achievements of the science of the East and socio-humanitarian knowledge in general. These are unique specialists who, along with an Oriental education, have one more, and sometimes two related specialties. They teach in the Oriental Studies master program, which announces its ninth intake in the 2022-2023 academic year. The program is aimed at training modern multicultural specialists. Training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian, English, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese and other foreign languages.
A distinctive feature that characterizes the content of the training is the relationship between theoretical training, socio-practical knowledge, and the skills of expert-analytical, project, and consulting work.
Graduates have the opportunity to receive additional specializations. The first specialization is Critical Media and Political Studies. This specialization is interdisciplinary, forming critical research and analytical skills. Master students will discuss and analyze modern society, and the challenges and threats of hybrid war, giving examples from the field of various media, such as the media, cinema, television, and other media platforms. The specialization is designed for those who want to succeed in politics or public service. The second specialization is "Theory and practice of management in the countries of foreign Asia". The specialization is intended for those who plan to build their future career related to Asian countries in Kazakhstan or international companies, to create their own business in their country or abroad.
In general, the need to prepare bachelor's and master's students is dictated by the demand for specialists in Oriental Studies who know the history, economy, political system, and culture of the countries of the East in the context of globalization.

Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies
Kagazbayeva Elmira Maratovna

Faculty of Oriental Studies 87272 92-08-05 (ext. 2809)

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