Oriental Studies

The purpose of the educational program "6B02201 Oriental Studies" is to train specialists in Oriental studies who have the skills to work with the specifics of the language, history, culture, politics, economy of the countries of the East, who have the skills of analytical work in the international environment; speaking foreign languages ​​(foreign language of the country of the region and English as the language of international communication), able to accompany the international activities of public, private and public organizations for the development of Kazakhstan.

Future orientalists study the language, history, culture and literature, politics and economy of the countries of the East. Students can study such oriental languages ​​as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish and Arabic.

In addition to the above disciplines, there is an opportunity to study minors, which provide additional knowledge and skills in the field of Oriental Studies. The following minors are taught in the EP "6B02201 Oriental Studies": Minor Geopolitical and geo-economic transformation of the East: sustainable development and security, Minor Kazakhstan and the Silk Road of the 21st century: new mechanisms for regional partnership, Minor Creative industries of the East, Minor Resource potential of Foreign Asia: East Asia, Southeast Asia , South Asia, Middle East.

As part of the implementation of the educational program" 6B02201 Oriental Studies", KAZUIRWL named after Ablai Khan cooperates with the following foreign partners: South-Western University, China, Kookmin University South. Korea, Xinjiang University of China, Shanghai second Polytechnic University of China, which allows students of the educational program "6B02201 Oriental Studies" to study abroad in online and offline formats for academic mobility.

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