Translation Studies (Eastern languages)

Field of study: 6В023 Languages ​​and Literature

Group of educational programs: В036-Translation business

Specialty: 6B02302 Translation (Oriental languages: Arabic, Chinese, Korean)

  • for 25 years in the training of specialists in Oriental languages, a huge contribution to its formation and development was made by an experienced teaching staff;
  • the head of the department is candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Dzheldybayeva Raushan Bazikenkyzy, who stood at the origins of the founding of oriental languages ​​​​at the University since 1998.
  • the department includes 3 divisions: Arabic, Korean, Chinese organized centers, Korean studies, the Confucius Institute;
  • implements active international cooperation with various foreign, diplomatic and business organizations;
  • international conferences, seminars, round tables, international and republican Olympiads are held.

Training of Minors specialists:

  • International translator
  • Media communication specialist
  • Specialist in the field of translation business communication and economics
  • Cross-cultural communication specialist

Bachelors in translation:

  • know how to use a foreign oriental language as a means of intercultural communication, know how to work in a foreign language environment;
  • own speech and business etiquette, the ability to speak and write at a professionally sufficient level;
  • have knowledge of the basics of translation (oral / written) of business documentation;

You will specialize in:

  • referent translator,
  • guide-interpreter,
  • translation editor,
  • intercultural communication specialist,
  • translation project manager
  • translator in the field of media communication,
  • specialist in translation studies, translation theory and intercultural communication,
  • a specialist who owns the categorical apparatus, vocabulary, terminology in the field of media, economics, business, international cooperation and diplomacy,
  • professional translation specialist.

You will have an internship:

at enterprises and firms, banks where they get acquainted with the specifics of future activities;

You will take language internships at partner universities in the countries of the language you are studying on exchange programs:

  • South Korea;
  • China;
  • Arab countries of Asia and Africa.

You will work:

  • in Embassies and representative offices of foreign countries, as well as in companies where there is a need for specialists with knowledge of foreign languages, banks of companies in Eastern countries
  • travel agencies, translation centers, etc.

 You get a unique opportunity to study a foreign language in the amount of 12 hours a week (1 and 2 courses), and 10 hours in senior courses

(3 and 4 courses)

Remember: profile subjects - Foreign language + World History

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