Department of international law

Training direction: 6B042 Law (International law, Jurisprudence)

Group of educational programs: Law

Specialty: bachelor of law

Over the 25 years in the training of specialists in the field of law, an experienced teaching staff has made a huge contribution to the formation and development of the specialty;

  • head of the Department candidate of law Sciences, associate Professor Bayzhomartova Karlygash Asylzhomartovna.
  • The Department provides training in two specialties: International law and jurisprudence;
  • implements active international cooperation with various foreign, diplomatic and law enforcement agencies, as well as with the structures of International organizations ( UN, OSCE, etc.)
  • international conferences, seminars, round tables, international and national Olympiads are held


              Training of specialists in Minors:

 -Legal support of logistics and transport

- International financial law

- Legal status of legal entities in civil law

- Legal expertise of economic activity


              Bachelors of law:

they are able to apply knowledge of international and domestic law and in the exercise of official powers and duties of law enforcement agencies (FM, NSC, MIA, etc.), legal departments of various bodies and organizations, including at a sufficient level of foreign language proficiency;

possess the ability to professionally understand and explain legal norms in the process of implementing specific legal norms;

               You will specialize in:

  • knowledge of the basics of national and international law ;
  • in the activities of law enforcement agencies;
  • proficiency in legal writing skills;
  • on the basis of legal protection of legal rights and interests of citizens;;


              You will undergo production practice:

  • law enforcement agencies (NSC, MIA, EIS, the Agency on combating corruption), legal subdivisions of the state and public organizations as well as banks, large medium companies and small businesses.;
  • notary and customs offices, attorney offices , administrations;

            You will take language interns at partner universities of the countries of the studied language on exchange programs:

  • South Korea, Spain, Germany, China.


             You will work:

  • Legal divisions of state and public organizations, as well as business structures (NSC, administrations, banks, etc.
  • Law enforcement agencies ( national security service, Ministry of internal Affairs, anti-corruption Agency, economic investigation services)
  • in secondary and higher education institutions;

All students undergo practical training and internships in these organizations on the basis of existing agreements on joint activities.

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