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About the educational program 6B01701 - "Training of Foreign Language Teachers"

6B01701 - "Training of Foreign Language Teachers" trains specialists of a new formation who are able to work in a specialized school in the natural sciences, economics and humanities cycles, Early learning of a foreign language and in the main secondary and specialized schools.

As part of the program, students develop fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities necessary in their professional activities.

The quality of training of specialists is ensured by introducing an international standard level approach to foreign language education, considering the peculiarities of the national educational system.

Educational program: 6B01701 – "Training of Foreign Language Teachers".

Academic degree: Bachelor of Education

Form of study: full-time

Duration of study:

4 years (if there is a certificate of secondary education)

3 years (if there is a diploma of secondary vocational education)

Advantages of educational program 6B01701 - "Training of Foreign Language Teachers"

  • Innovativeness of the educational program
  • Integrativity of modules
  • The right to choose Eastern and European languages
  • The cycle of language training in professional pedagogical language
  • Blocks of disciplines based on the requirements of the school curriculum
  • Development of professional and applied projects
  • Completion of professional practice in primary, basic secondary and secondary education: in the kindergarten "Smart Kids", the international kindergarten "Home Academy", International schools "Miras", Almaty, "Tamos Education", RSPhM, gymnasium school, lyceums and specialized schools.
  • Employment in specialized schools, gymnasiums, lyceums and international schools
  • Qualified teaching staff.

Career prospects:

Graduates of the educational programme "Training of Foreign Language Teachers" have the opportunity to work:

  • Primary school teacher (1-4)
  • Secondary school teacher (5-9)
  • High school teacher in natural science, economics and humanities (10-11)
  • As a teacher at specialized schools.
  • The right to continue studying for a master's degree

       How to apply:

        For admission, you must submit following documents:

  1. Certificate (Diploma)+application (original);
  2. UNT certificate of the current year (original);
  3. 6 photos 3x4 (matte);
  4. 5 copies of the identity card;
  5. Identity card copies of parents;
  6. Medical certificate F-086 (you can go to your place of residence + a photo (original) of this year) + 063 form (vaccination card or health passport);
  7. A copy of an accredited certificate (for young men).

The award of state educational grants is carried out by the Competition Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science in accordance with the rules of its work.

The passing score for the paid department is 80 points,

Specialized subjects: World History and English.

Applicants need to pass a pedagogical interview: solving a pedagogical situation.

Upon graduation from the Abylay Khan KazUIRandWL, the only basic university of international relations and foreign language profile in the Republic, a diploma of his own sample is issued.

Our partners:

  • University of Bamberg (Germany)
  • University of Passau (Germany)
  • University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
  • University of Poitiers (France)
  • University of Perpignan (France)
  • University of Bergamo (Italy)
  • Lanzhou University (China)
  • Kebansaan University (Malaysia)
  • Universities: Chunan, Bussan, Keimyung, Hankuk, Chunbuk (Korea), etc.


Our address:

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Tel: +7 (727) 2922373

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