Master - Foreign language: two foreign languages

Master of Science- is a scholar of high school, a highly educated specialist, prepares qualified to teach and carry out scientific research in accordance with the chosen specialty.

Mission specialty - creating favorable conditions for post-graduate professional education and training of highly qualified, competitive specialists in the field of foreign language education. The curriculum specialty "6M011900-Foreign language: two foreign languages" has been developed in accordance with the SES RK. Preparing the educational program carried on general elective routines(OEPP) and an additional elective routines(Depp).

OEPP "updated pedagogical paradigm of foreign language education"

The program goal - is to prepare highly qualified university teachers, trainer sand researchers as required by the renewed paradigm of foreign language education and the state program2011-2020.

Objectives of the program: to determine the essence of the modernization of foreign language education; analyze the methodological foundations of methodical system of foreign language education; identify effective organizational forms and methods of training sessions in school and in high school on the basis of modeling of foreign language communication.

The main objectives of a master student are:

  • Analysis of scientific - methodical approaches to the solution of new methodological problems;
  • The organization of information retrieval and analytical research work on topical issues of methodology of foreign language education;
  • Comparative analysis of the methods and forms of foreign language education;
  • Modeling of the learning process in accordance with the updated paradigm of foreign language education;
  • Development of science-based theoretical positions and practical recommendations on the use of effective methods and technologies in a new environment;
  • Approbation of research projects into practice;
  • Methodical organization of educational activity of students at the university during the period of scientific and pedagogical practices.

Master student amounts to his educational program studying the discipline of compulsory cycle and discipline specializations of choice taking into account the specifics of the specialty and specialization.

Opportunities for master students’ studies

Every year at the Department of postgraduate education holds scientific and theoretical conferences, "round tables" devoted to the discussion of the main aspects of foreign language education.

Master students can also participate in online seminars and forums on the methodology of foreign language education.

Master students can work independently in the reading rooms, the American library, language laboratories, computer classrooms, electronic reading rooms, equipped with modern facilities. Every year Master students are sent for training in their specialty abroad. In addition, graduates who have passed a session on "excellent" and "good", can take part in a program of academic mobility exchange abroad.

In recent years it has become a tradition in the magistracy attraction foreign lecturers, thereby broadening and deepening the knowledge of magistrates in different disciplines of the specialty.

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Learning is done through the budget (grant) and for a fee
  • Form of study: full-time

Upon completion KazUIR & WL named after Abylai Khan is issued with a state diploma

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