Master - International Relations

Educational programs:

7M031064 (01) -International relations (scientific and pedagogical direction),

7M031064 (02) - International Relations (profile direction).

Training in the magistracy is carried out in two directions: profile (1 year) and scientific and pedagogical (2 years). Full-time form of education.

The purpose of the educational program is the preparation of qualified Master of Social Sciences who have the skills of research work who can apply modern methods of researching international relations with a comprehensive understanding and analysis of global processes, owning the methodology of teaching disciplines in the specialty.

          Graduate students are engaged in research work, takes part in scientific conferences at various levels, undergo scientific internships and research practice in leading universities, research institutes and research and innovation laboratories of our university.

Training is conducted in English.

According to this programspecialists with the highest academic qualifications teach and manage scientific work: academician, Doctor of Sciences, professors, candidates of sciences, associate professors with a long history of scientific and pedagogical work, as well as invited foreign teachers. Master's degree program is in major-minors format

The sphere of professional activity is foreign policy activity, interstate cooperation, scientific research, teaching.

The objects of professional activity are international organizations, higher education institution, think tanks, research centers, etc.

Training of specialists in Minors (obtaining additional competences in related specialties):

-Geoeconomic processes of our time and new economic security paradigm

-New world order in the system of international law

Upon completion of the educational program, the degree is awarded:

 - Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Social sciences in the educational program "M064 - International Relations"

         - profile direction - Master of Social knowledge in the educational program "M064 - International Relations"

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