Master - Journalism

The Master's program in Journalism was opened at our university in 2007. The university trains specialists of a universal type who can carry out scientific research in the field of mass communication, as well as work in the newspaper, on radio, television and the Internet media. A mandatory component of training is - studying English.


  • Specialist in the field of mass communication means
  • Analyst of topical issues of international journalism
  • Television and radio correspondent, correspondent of online publications
  • Reporter of political, economic and social programs
  • Presenter of television and radio programs
  • Reviewer of international events
  • Political Commentator


You can specialize in:


  • organizing and conducting editorial sociological and psychological research of mass media means
  • collecting, analyzing and processing of scientific, technical, natural science and general scientific information
  • conducting scientific research work
  • studying the psychological and social effects of mass media means
  • analyzing sociologically the target audience of mass media means
  • generalization and critical assessment of results of socio-psychological studies of topical problems of mass media received by domestic and foreign researchers
  • analyzing and creating basic models of communicative activities of journalists
  • effective conflict resolution in professional communication

Specialization – «Mass media and social psychology».

Extra qualifications:

  • Analyst of sociological data on the functioning of the media
  • Organizer of socio-psychological research of the media and audience
  • Expert in psychology of journalistic communication
  • Consultant in the psychology of mass communication
  • Moderator of professional communication
  • Teacher of a higher educational institution

Where will you get job training?

The educational program of scientific and pedagogical magistracy includes two types of job training: pedagogical and research.



Possible job-training places:

- Higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan of humanitarian profile and universities with education in the field of journalism.

- Department of International Communications, Faculty of Management and International Communications KazUIR&WL named after Abylay Khan

- Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

- Almaty Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations «Ariptes»

- Academy of Journalism of Kazakhstan

- TV channels: LLP «Eurasia+ORT», «Kazakhstan», «Khabar24», «Almaty», «Turan TV»

 - international information agency «Kazinform»

 - editorial offices of newspapers and magazines

 - new media «», «HOLAnews»

Where can you work?

Our graduates of the educational program of scientific and pedagogical magistracy can carry out teaching activities in the higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of journalism. They can also work in information services, publishing and analytical structures and other areas of mass media. 

That’s not all!

Our undergraduates actively participate in international scientific and practical conferences, and undergo foreign internships in foreign universities. The international academic mobility in the framework of the educational program is carried out:

China: Xin Jian State University

Poland: University of Warmia-Masuria

Upon completion of education graduates are awarded the degree of Master of Social Sciences / Master of Social Knowledge in the educational program 7M032- Journalism and Information.

If you want to become a professional come to us!

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