Master - Pedagogics and Psychology

Educational programs:

7M01101 (01) - Pedagogy and Psychology (scientific and pedagogical direction),

7M01101 (02) - Pedagogy and Psychology (specialized (profile) direction).

Training in the master's program is carried out in two directions: profile (1 year) and scientific and pedagogical (2 years). The form of training is full-time.

The purpose of the master's program:  preparation of highly qualified, competitive personnel with in-depth scientific, pedagogical, professional training, capable of independent creative thinking, implementation of professional activities.

In the process of training, master degree students study the problems of modern pedagogical and psychological science, trends of modern higher education, especially the educational process in credit technology of training, process of training and education of individual personality development of students, management of educational process, development of innovative pedagogical management at the present stage; the global management of educational processes, international activities in education, information and communication technologies in education, etc.

Master degree students are engaged in research work, take part in scientific conferences of various levels, undergo scientific training and research practice in leading Universities, public organisatios   APS of Kazakhstan, the RPO "Kazakh psychological society", research institutes and research and innovation laboratories KazUIR& WL.

Training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English.

According to this program, specialists of the highest academic qualifications teach and supervise scientific work: doctors of sciences, professors, candidates of sciences, associate professors with a long history of scientific and pedagogical work, as well as invited foreign teachers.

The sphere of professional activity is education and science.

The objects of professional activity are: higher educational institutions, research institutes, research and educational centers, etc.

Upon completion of the educational program, a degree is awarded:

-scientific and pedagogical direction-master of pedagogical Sciences in the educational program " M001 Pedagogy and psychology ";

- profile direction-master of education in the educational program " M001 Pedagogy and psychology "

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