International Students Department

The main aim of the Department is to timely register foreign nationals coming to the University to study and work. The management functions also include registration and extension of visas.

International Students Department Staff:

  1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – Leading specialist of International Students Department

Rules of Stay of Foreign Students in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Foreign nationals must register their stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) within 5 days upon arrival. To do this, international students must visit the International Students Department on the first day of arrival and provide:

  1. Passport
  2. Immigration card
  3. HIV test certificate, which has to be obtained in Kazakhstan (a certificate from a home country is invalid). You can be tested at the AIDS Centre: - Basenov Str. (Zharokov Str. intersection of Timiriazev Str.). Helpline: +7727 2465277 (ext.122).
  4. Fluorography (chest X-ray) certificate in Kazakh or Russian
  5. 3 photos 3x4
  6. Dormitory certificate or tenancy agreement

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