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Anti-corruption policy

Kazakh Ablaikhan University of International relations and world languages Anticorruption policy

On 26 December 2014 Anti-Corruption Strategy of Kazakhstan was approved by Presidential Decree to 2015-2025 years.

There is a complex of arrangements have been holding in University also worked out main strategic documents and plans:

  • Normative document “The policy and principles of academic probity in Kazakh Ablai Khan University
  • Anticorruption Standard
  • Anti-corruption commission regulation
  • Teachers’ and professors’ Academic Probity Codex
  • Students’ Probity Codex
  • The discipline “Basis of anti-corruption culture” was included in study process
  • The rector’ blog has been working on site www. Ablaikhan.kz and rector’ mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  • The Program "Prevention of anti-corruption actions and the formation of zero tolerance for corruption in Kazakh Ablai khan University for 2018-2020” has been realizing in University. 

Realizing the importance of solving the tasks,which set by the Head of State, relating to the elimination and prevention of acts against corruption in Kazakhstan, including in the education system, the University developed a system of preventive measures:

  • a special program - database - "Automated Control System" W ( 'ACS database 1C ") KazUIR & WL, which enables you to record and control all rating results exhibiting students without the ability to edit the results of the physical count Registrar Office experts (RR) of the University;
  • operates the "Personal e-mail of the teacher's office" on the University website, where only the teacher has the opportunity to expose the student assessment. Each teacher has a "Username" and "Password" to access their e-magazine for the nomination of all the student assessments of rating;
  • a list of students for grading in the list is formed automatically from the "database automation 1C" system "Personal e-mail account of the teacher" - after inspection by experts PR, according to the load carried out by the teacher in recognition of his disciplinary group of students - enshrined in the document "Personal timetable ". Taken into account during the scoring (last date of invoice, the method of control and so forth.);
  • ranking list, which is generated and printed from the system has several degrees of protection - a special code number, which is formed by a certain algorithm and electronic seal.

Operates three-stage examination exams tracking and grading:

If you are a witness, please contact us on phone number 8 7272 92-23-63 or write on rector ’blog or e-mail address rector’ mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

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