Language Courses

Centre of Foreign Languages Training at the Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations & World Languages accepts applications from foreign institutions interested in sending groups of students to intensive language courses for long periods of time throughout the year and short summer school programs. These courses have flexible entry dates and course content.It is possible to take into account the proposals of foreign agencies on the duration of courses and directions of language training. The center offers package deals and provides discounts to groups of ten or more people.If you are interested in sending a group of students to study with us, please see below the range of courses we can offer.

Intensive language course. The center offers the learners opportunities to study Kazakh and Russian languages through intensive language immersion programs. The Kazakh and Russian language courses are for people who need to improve their Kazakh or Russian languages and for the learners who want to study on a degree program. Completing successfully will guarantee the learners places on an undergraduate degree programs at the Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations & World Languages and other Kazakhstani universities.

Training for different long periods of time and professional language course.This course is especially suitable for a learner who has an intermediate level of Kazakh or Russian languages. The learners are offered basic courses in Kazakh and Russian,as well as a number of special discipline options for choice. The course can be used as an additional module for undergraduate degree programs.

Individual Choice Program course.The Center offers a number of short courses for individuals throughout the year.

Short summer school program course.The Center offers an excellent opportunity to study Kazakh, Russian and English languages with an academic subject in our beautiful campus environment.Every year the center welcomes a group of students from all over the world to study Kazakh and Russian languages on a variety of programs, to enjoy interesting social events and make new friends.

The aims of the courses:

  • improve confidence and level in spoken Kazakh and Russian languages
  • Kazakhstani culture
  • experiences some subject study:Kazakh and Russian literature, business, economics and etc.

Age and Language Level

Most learners will be aged 18-55. The minimum age for students is 18, though students aged 17 can be accepted in exceptional circumstances.


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