Legends of domestic variety and film industry.

In the light of the article by the Head of the State of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe” aimed at raising patriotism, strengthening interethnic relations, preserving their culture, traditions and language will allow us to actualize the centuries-old heritage of our ancestors.

In order to implement the new components of the national program for youth, the Faculty of International Relations of KazMUO and the Ablai Kh.A.N. have a meeting for students of the first, second and third courses with Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, singer composer and legend of our Kazakhstan variety Vildanov Nadzhib Gadelevich, as well as with the Chief Director of the Almaty State Academic Russian Theater for Children and Youth. N. Sats, actress of cinema and theater Efimova Galina Viktorovna. 

The deputy dean for VR FMO Akpayev E.R.