“Step into the Future-VI”

Teachers of the Department of Speech and Communication Practices Zhazira Karabalaeva and Aigul  Mekebaeva  were invited to take part in the work of jury of the scientific-practical conference for students of UNESCO Associated Schools in the Republic of Kazakhstan “Step into the Future-VI”, held under the motto: “We learn ourselves and the world ”at the school gymnasium  № 36.

The purpose of the conference was presentation and selection of the best research projects in the  sciences and humanitarian fields. 15 presentations in the areas of Linguistics, Literature and Art were listened and evaluated by Zh.  Karabalaeva and A. Mekebaeva. The students demonstrated not only a scientific approach and deep knowledge on the study topic, but also the desire to progress in their studies and share their knowledge.
All the presented works were interesting, informative, creative, were highly valued and assessed. Particularly interesting were the projects on the influence of music on the mood and behavior of students, on the topics of borrowings, Anglicisms and graffiti.
    We wish success to future specialists, no doubt that such scientific projects are the first steps on the path to scientific progress and innovation.