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VI Republican scientific-practical conference

On February8, in Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages hold VI Republican scientific-practical conference for young scientists and specialistson the theme "Industry 4.0: Dialogue of Generations and New Guidelines for Young Scientists".

The purpose of the conference: experience rethinking of foreign language education and humanities science, the exchange of experiences in the context of the Patriot Act "Mangilik El".

The goal of the conference: to summarize current problems of education and scientific research works of young scientists, to create a platform for the exchange of experience and the generation of new ideas in the context of the article by the President of Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe” and the implementation of the program “Spiritual Modernization.”

Thematic priorities of the  conference related to the theme of  SRAC (scientific and research applied complex), scientific, research-innovative  and applied laboratories of Ablai khan  , Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages.


The main thematic directions  of the conference:

-          Current issues of innovative information space in foreign language education

-          Current problems of philological and linguistic researches, translation and intercultural communication

-          The importance of science in digital development of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries

-          The role of the Great Steppe in global history: the patriotic and spiritual and moral education of youth

-          Geopolitical processes of the modern world: risks and challenges

-          Linguistic and socio-political problems of Eastern countries

-          Theoretical and applied aspects and current trends in economics, international and domestic law, and management

-          New media, journalism and development of tourism in the era of information technology



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